Every course that we conduct is delivered by a subject matter expert who holds the academic qualification and working experience in that specialization. We apply effective pedagogical methodologies that demonstrate case studies and hands-on practical skills, in addition to explaining clearly how things work in principle. Read what our participants wrote about our training in the testimonials.

Our team of 10 trainers have been engaged to conduct trainings in 12 countries in 3 continents, and conducted over 150 sessions of training to date.

On the days when they are not teaching, our trainers work on consultancy projects and technical deliveries. Their work have received numerous recognition and awards in the industry.

Our team of trainers have collectively published 43 international journal papers and 58 international conference papers. They have also published 2 technical text books by Prentice Hall. In the past 10 years, our trainers have been invited to be keynote speakers at numerous international conferences, and to be reviewers for international journals.


58 international conference papers published
43 international journal papers published
7 years as reviewer for international journals
5 industrial recognition and awards
2 technical text books published
2 times as invited keynote speaker at international and national conferences
1 patent filed